Veterinarians Bonney Lake
River Road Animal Hospital has five dedicated veterinarians in Bonney Lake and the surrounding areas. We take the extra time to really get to know your pets and their needs. We do thorough examinations and have all the state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to ensure your pet gets the best care. We do all this with a compassionate, loving attitude because we truly do care about your animal’s well-being. We want to see them thrive as much as you do!


Services Our Veterinarians Offer Near Bonney Lake

  • Pet Boarding –  Our boarding services are available for cats, dogs, and some smaller exotic animals. We provide safe, warm, caring attention to your pets while you are away.
  • Vaccination Programs – Vaccinations are a necessary part of animal care. Our vets send timely notifications to alert you when your next vaccination is coming up.
  • Surgery – Our animal care team can perform most necessary surgeries in addition to spaying and neutering services.
  • Ongoing Primary Care – Preventative care keeps your animals feeling good and it extends the length of their lives. Schedule an appointment with our vet clinic to keep your beloved animal in the best condition possible.
  • Radiology – Radiology is an important part of diagnostics. We have in-house radiology capabilities as well as lab testing to quickly get to the bottom of your pets needs.
  • Emergency Care – We are open 7-days a week for extended hours, to meet your needs. Our vet office treats accidents, sudden illnesses, and other types of emergencies.Veterinarians Bonney Lake WA
  • Dental – Oral care is a necessary part of your pet’s health. Our dental cleaning keeps your pet safe from the suffering and illnesses caused by tooth and gum disease.
  • Grooming – Our staff handles grooming to keep your pet’s skin and coat in excellent condition. Our vets are available to advise on any symptoms of dermititis, ticks, fleas, or other skin problems that may be found in the process.
  • Pharmacy – When our veterinarians write a prescription for your pet, we are also able to fill it for you on-site.
  • Food and Supplies — What you feed your pet has a large impact on his or her health. We offer a wide selection of healthy food and supplies for your animals.

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