Vet Hospitals Sumner

Vet Hospitals

Vet Hospitals Sumner

When you are looking for vet hospitals near Sumner, WA and the surrounding areas, you often need one right away. You deserve an animal hospital you can rely on to get you in fast and that is prepared for any type of emergency. Look no further. River Road Animal Hospital has extended hours so we are available when you need us. We are open 7 days a week and have 5 vets in our hospitals, so there is always someone available to see your pet right away.

We have decades of experience working for us, as well as a fully-operational Vet Hospitals Sumner with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. We are able to quickly find the source of your pet’s issue so we can put him or her on the road to recovery. From surgery, to radiology and lab-work—we can do it all in our vet hospitals.


Our Vet Hospitals Sumner Offer:

  • Animal Boarding – When your animal needs overnight attention, we can care for him or her around the clock. We ensure every animal staying with us is routinely checked on. We keep them warm, feed, and cater to their medical needs throughout the day and night.
  • Vaccinations –  Our Vet Hospitals Sumner keep you well informed on which vaccinations are appropriate for your pet at which stages of life. We handle all the records and send out reminders when the due-date is coming up, so you have plenty of time to schedule an appointment to keep your animals current on their vaccines.
  • Surgery – Our vet hospitals Sumner are equipped to handle many different types of surgeries. If you have an emergency situation, we are prepared to get your animal in for surgery quickly.
  • Diagnostics – Getting to the source of your pet’s medical issue is often paramount for his or her recovery. We offer in-house radiology and laboratory services as part of our diagnostic tools. Additionally, our veterinarians have the knowledge-base and experience to recognize your pet’s condition.Vet Hospitals Sumner WA
  • Emergency Care – Our extended hours and well-prepared vet hospitals are at the ready when you need us. We are prepared to care for your pet after an accident, major injury, sudden illness, or other immediate concern.
  • Pharmacy – We save you a trip by handling all our own medications on-site. Whatever prescriptions our veterinarian writes for your animals, we offer them to you from our own pharmacy.
  • Food and Supplies — Many times, after an accident or illness, your animal’s diet may require a change. Our vet hospitals are fully-stocked with specialty and high-quality foods to optimize your pet’s health. No need to go looking for a pet store that carries the food or supplies our vet has suggested. You can get it from us in one trip.

We also offer these services to Sumner:

Call to schedule an appointment for vet hospitals near Sumner, WA. For emergencies, just come by.

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