Vet Bonney Lake


Vet Bonney Lake
For a professional vet in Bonney Lake, WA that provides your pet with the very best care come to River Road Animal Hospital. Our wide array of Vet Bonney Lake services use state of the art technology to ensure the best care for your animal. Our expansive facilities are capable of providing Bonney Lake, WA residents with the best in veterinary care. We know that your loved one is more than just a pet. They’re a family a member, and we treat them like one. With 5 veterinarians there is always a doctor on hand. This includes evenings as well as early mornings between 6PM to 8AM. That’s because at River Road Animal Hospital, incredible Vet Bonney Lake care never takes a day off.

Extensive Vet Services

  • Pet Boarding – As a Vet Bonney Lake, we do more than just treat your animals when they’re sick. Even though we know you would take them anywhere, hotels don’t always agree. Our pet boarding services cover cats, dogs, as well as some exotic pets. Technicians regularly check in on pets. All dogs also receive regular exercise sessions.
  • Vaccination Programs – A Bonney Lake vet should keep your animals healthy inside and out. That’s why our comprehensive vaccination program keeps your dogs and cats protected from fleas, parasites, worms, and ticks. We also perform physicals in addition to specific disorder testing for both felines and canines.
  • Health Care – Even a wonderful pet owner like yourself can still encounter problems. Animals can suffer from unique medical conditions, requiring surgery, therapy, and radiology. Our vets in Bonney Lake are highly trained and incredibly experienced. With a vet clinic that also serves as an animal hospital, we have the technology and equipment to back our vets incredible skills. No matter what problem an animal has, life-threatening or long-term, we can treat it.
  • Dental & Grooming – An often overlooked requirement of a Vet Bonney Lake, Wa is dental knowledge. We can perform teeth cleaning, exams, or even dental surgery. Our full-service grooming service gets your pet cleaner than it’s ever been. We even offer specific shampoos for conditions like sensitive skin or in the event of a skunk spraying.
  • Pharmacy & Lab – We’ll never make you go elsewhere for lab or pharmacy work. Our Vet Bonney Lake hospital provides every amenity available. This includes fast in-house lab testing that allow for immediate processing and often times same day results. Picking up a prescription at the pharmacy couldn’t be easier. We have almost every medicine your animal may require priced competitively onsite.

For the most comprehensive vet in Bonney Lake, WA, Call (253) 845-7525or Contact us today.

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