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Animal Hospitals SumnerAccidents and emergencies don’t come on a schedule. That is why River Road Animal Hospital offers extended hours, 7-days a week. We believe animal hospitals near Sumner, WA should deliver both excellent services as well as compassionate care. We have everything we need to quickly diagnose medical issues as well as treat them in-house. From surgery to radiology and pharmaceuticals, we are one of the most full-service animal hospitals in Sumner, WA and the surrounding areas.


Services Our Animal Hospitals Sumner Offer

  • Pet Boarding – We offer boarding services for cats, dogs, and some exotic pets. We ensure boarded animals are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are comfortable and getting everything they need.
  • Vaccination Programs – We offer all necessary vaccinations for your dog, cat, or other large or smaller pets. Our veterinarians send out notifications when your pet’s next vaccination is soon to be due, so you can stay on top of your pet’s healthcare.
  • Surgery – Our animal hospitals Sumner, WA preform many surgeries to handle emergency situations.Animal Hospitals Sumner WA
  • Diagnostics – Top-of-the-line diagnostics is a large part of care in animal hospitals. We can find out exactly what is wrong in a fast and accurate way with our on-site radiology and laboratory services.
  • Emergency Care – Our animal hospitals Sumner handle sudden illness, accidents, and other types of emergencies at a moment’s notice. We have a full staff of veterinarians so there is always someone available to handle emergency care.
  • Pharmacy – Animal Hospitals need to be ready with all relevant medications for immediate care so you can handle your pets pain and begin the healing process right away. That’s why we have a fully-stocked pharmacy on-site.
  • Food and Supplies — When you have just had an animal in for an emergency visit, you may not be stocked on the new food or supplies he or she will need for post-emergency care. We save you a trip by offering quality foods and supplies in our animal hospitals.

We also offer the following services to Sumner, WA:

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