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Animal Hospitals Bonney Lake
Emergency situations with your pets cannot wait! River Road Animal Hospital has been serving the Bonney Lake community since 1961! Our animal hospital in Bonney Lake has is open late and all 7-days a week so you can get your pet cared for right away. We have an experienced staff with a large knowledge-base to rely on, for accurate diagnostics and treatment.

We are also full-service vet office, offering everything from a selection of in-house animal food and supplies to radiology equipment.  As your one stop vet in Bonney Lake, come to us when you are looking for an animal hospital you can count on.

What we offer in our animal hospital near Bonney Lake

  • Pet Boarding –  Boarding services are an important way to care for your pets when they need overnight medical attention or care while you are away. Our vet clinic is here to cover both of these needs.
  • Vaccinations – Keeping your animals vaccinated is not only good pet-ownership, but it is also the law. Many boarding facilities and pet playgroups require proof of current vaccinations. Keep your animals safe from disease with our vaccination services.
  • Surgery – Each of our veterinarians has experience and expertise in surgical services. We keep surgery rooms at the ready so we are prepared to care for any of your animal’s needs.
  • Routine Care – Just like humans, animals live longer, healthier lives when they get regular preventative care. Our thorough examinations cover a large scale of concerns your animal may experience as he or she ages. We are here to help with all stages of life.
  • Radiology and Lab – Our vet office has everything necessary for fast, accurate diagnostics. This includes radiological services as well as an on-site laboratory.
  • Emergency Care – Our hospitals have seven days a week and have longer hours than many vets in the area. This means that we are here at the ready for whatever emergency services your pet encounters.Animal Hospitals Bonney Lake WA
  • Oral Care – Gum disease can create not only pain and suffering for your pet, but it can also be the cause of other health threats. Our dental cleaning and oral care eliminate the discomfort and other problems that come with gum disease.
  • Grooming – Your animals skin and coat are a big part of their health. Our grooming services not only help you keep that in check, but we can also identify potential problems such as fleas, ticks, hot-spots, and other skin conditions.
  • Pharmacy –When a prescription is recommended for your pet, we are able to fill the medications at the time of your appointment—no waiting.
  • Dietary Supplies — Different medical conditions sometimes call for specific diets. We have a well-stocked store of quality foods and supplies for your convenience.

Contact us for an appointment or simply drop in to make an appointment or ask us a question.

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