Animal Hospital Tacoma

Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital Tacoma
You need to know you’re getting the best care for your pet when you bring it to an animal hospital in Tacoma. When you want a place with comprehensive services that doesn’t treat your animal like a number, you want River Road Animal Hospital Tacoma.

With extensive services and a complete surgery suite there’s nothing our dedicated veterinarians can’t treat. As your animal hospital  Tacoma, you’ll have access to some of the most highly trained, compassionate, and knowledgeable veterinarians in the area. These are the kind of vets who stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, continually learning and adopting best practices to ensure your loved ones receive the best treatment possible. With such dedicated Tacoma animal hospital vets it’s easy to forget we also offer state of the art facilities.

Veterinary Hospital Facilities

Our Tacoma vet hospital features a number of incredible facilities, these include:

  • Medical Care – When it comes to the diagnosis of your pet’s condition, technology helps our veterinarians provide accurate, full assessments. We can perform every type of medical care imaginable, from something as simple as on-site lab work to oxygen therapy. Our intensive care unit is outfitted with everything your animal will need for a comfortable long term stay in the event it is required.
  • Surgery – Our Tacoma animal hospital has a team of doctors and a top notch surgical unit. From standard operations like spaying and neutering, to intensive surgeries like hip replacements or swallowed object removals, we can meet any need you have.
  • Radiology – Accurate diagnosis of internal injuries is easy with a complete radiology department that includes radiography and ultrasound units intended for use on non-humans. This puts our animal hospital at the forefront of pet care.
  • Dental – We understand a pets health is all encompassing. Just like us they need regular teeth cleaning, and can suffer from many of the same dental problems humans do. We’re fully equipped and trained in animal dentistry, creating a whole health system that keeps your pet healthy and happy.
  • Lab and Pharmacy  An on-site laboratory rounds out our animal hospital facilities, providing veterinarians and doctors with fast and easy processing of samples and access to results. In the event medication is required for your pet it’s easy enough to pick it up at our well stocked on-site pharmacy.

For a comprehensive animal hospital in Tacoma that sees to all your pets needs, call (253) 845-7525 or contact River Road Animal Hospital today.

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